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An Unforgettable Adventure


Breathtaking landscapes, unique amalgam of cultures, music/dance and food/wine, Mexico offers something particular to every visitor. The city of Oaxaca epitomizes the cultural heritage of Mexico with its vast array of cultural traditions such as art, handcraft, music, culinary experiences, all with a blend of Spanish, indigenous and afro-american traditions. Zipolite at the Pacific Coast offers the visitor with unprecedented sceneries. Here you can relax on quiet, endless beaches, nude bathing, with an inner feeling of complete freedom. Sea tours to meet with animals of different species, contrasted by exciting inland journeys through the jungle with its diversity of vegetation and animals.

History & Culture

The photogenic relic of Mexico’s colonial past with its history, gastronomy and manifestations of indigenous culture could be all found in Oaxaca City. Here, the ancient Zapotec and Mixtecs culture meet Spanish colonial traditions making Oaxaca city an architectural gem with fantastic museums, endless festivals, colorful handicrafts, pre-Columbian ruins and gold encrusted baroque churches. The UNESCO World Heritage City and culinary capital of Mexico is one of the safest cities in Mexico.

Cuisine & Traditions

The Oaxacan roasted, rich, subtle and layered cuisine combines sweet, safer and spicy ingredients into magnificent culinary masterpieces. This unique cuisine offers vegetarians and vegans as much choice as carnivores, which is quite rare. Most dishes are prepared over a long period of time and require great skill such as the ‘Mole’. Oaxacan beverages are full of new experiences. Whether it is Tejate, hot chocolate, coffee, beer or mezcal without a doubt one is left ordering more.

The traditional festivals bring all ethnic groups together sharing Pre-Hispanic and Catholic celebrations. These celebrations always include flowers, folklore music and dance, and Mezcal.


Oaxaca is well known in Mexico because of its art manifestation. Here the dynamics of live produce traditional as well as contemporary artists. At the traditional markets one can learn the handcraft and read the variety of poetry. Whether it is street art or in galleries, one can find the art full of colors, metaphors, symbols, styles and traditions done by local and foreign artists. Oaxaca City has an important and large collection of archaeological art and also has been the origin of many contemporary art projects.


Exploring Oaxaca is an adventure. Surrounded by mountains, valleys and ocean Oaxaca’s flora and fauna is diverse and breathtaking. Located South on the shores of the Pacific Ocean lays a town called Zipolite. It’s marvelous nature, landscapes, sea life, golden and black sands, nude beaches, indigenous and friendly people, delicious food and tranquillo culture make Zipolite a one of a kind paradise. A place full of adventures.


The Valley of Roses and its Secrets


Bulgaria is a small but unique country. Several civilizations have occupied its territory throughout 6000 years of history, ie pagans, Romans, Hellenes, Thracian's, Byzantine, Slavs. Bulgaria has been a crossroad between East and West. The country is characterized by scenic mountain ranges and valleys nestled between mountains and hills, idyllic villages, the Black Sea coastline and incl its major cities, Sofia and Plovdiv. Bulgaria’s ancient and multifaceted history including its remarkable natural sceneries make the country a highly attractive target for your visit.

History & Culture

Bulgaria has an atmosphere of timelessness and naturalness. History and Nature tell stories about past civilisations with preserved originality. Bulgaria remains an untouched sanctuary with its long history and natural sceneries. Invaluable ancient gold treasures, the Cyrillic alphabet, the ancient pagan traditions of fire dancing and the unique folklore rhythms have significantly contributed to our cultural heritage.

The symbol of Bulgaria is the ‘Rose Flower’, famous for its precious oil which is obtained in the Rose Valley, located in the heart of central Bulgaria and the cradle of the ancient Thracian culture.

Cuisine & Wine

The different civilizations have left an indelible mark in Bulgarian cuisine and traditions. ‘Shopska’ is the favourite salad of the Bulgarians, made of different shopped vegetables with a white ‘hood’ of grated Sirene-cheese on top. Sarmi is one of Bulgarians’ most loved dishes: wine- or sauerkraut leafs are filled with minced meat and spicy herbs. The wine tradition goes back to the time of the ancient Thracian period. Bulgaria’s vineyards produce outstanding wines.

Architecture & Frescos

Whether ancient monuments, pagan temples, Roman fortresses or Christian icon paintings - Bulgaria offers a variety of historical sites of key importance to human heritage. The frescos of the Boyana Church (UNESCO World Heritage) testify to the cultural richness of the early Renaissance period in Bulgaria. The Rila Monastery with its unique architecture, frescoes and altars contributes to our understanding of Christian art and culture. The historical villages at the slopes of the Balkansstill retain their special charm, for every visitor to experience, explore and enjoy.


Bulgaria offers a wealth of interesting options both for newcomers and the ‘experienced’ tourist. You will be surrounded by breathtaking natural sceneries whether you go hiking, rafting in wild rivers, mountain-horse riding or skiing along the slopes of snow-capped mountains. The beaches along the Black Sea coast bring an additional flavour to Bulgaria.



Culture Tours is a tour operator offering customized trips in Bulgaria and Mexico. We present you with individualized programs tailored to your personal needs and interest. We work closely with the local community to combine culture, history, art, adventure and traditions into an unforgettable experience by you. We want to satisfy our customers’ needs through quality and diversity of our tours.


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